Baun landed among the finalists of the 2022 Negavatt competition!

Foto: Kadri Erlenheim
Photo: Kadri Erlenheim

Negavatt is a competition for green ideas aimed at young people aged 18-30, the main prize of which is 10,000 euros to realize your idea!

  • In 2022, Heatsync, which optimizes the energy consumption of spa centers, received the main prize of 10,000 euros from Negavat.
  • The 5,000 euros intended for the second place was taken home by RoheVaim, who creates environmentally friendly educational materials for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Third place and 3,000 euros goes to Baun, which supplies e-grocery stores with refundable bags.

According to Andrus Treier, head of KIK and member of the jury, the level of finalists this season was consistently high, and making a choice was difficult.

"During the selection of the top three, the decisive factor was primarily the impact, the importance of the topic in society, and also the team's motivation to implement the idea," Treier commented on the top three.
Jury member and founder Helen Puistaja commented on Baun's success as follows: "Baun won the favor of the jury because the team has a very specific idea, which they have already tried hard to implement. We believe that with a little help they can implement their idea even more and make food consumption more sustainable for all of us.''

You can read about the results of Negavatt 2022 HERE!


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Baun visited Seitsmesed Uudised news show and spoke about the experience of the Negavatt competition

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