How to return the Baun shopping bag?

Returning a Baun shopping bag is a good way to save both money and nature because all returned Baun bags find their way again to the store so they can be ordered once again. This way we can avoid the need for single-use bags. In addition, we will refund 2 euros for each returned Baun bag, thanks to which the price of using the bag for you as a consumer is only 0.05 euros per bag.

Instructions for returning the bag:
  • Find a blue label with text and a QR code inside of the bag
  • Open your phone's camera or a QR code reading app
  • Point your phone's camera at the QR code
  • Click on the link that opens
  • Enter your phone number
  • Confirm your phone number with the confirmation code received via SMS
  • Confirm the return of the package!

In order for the money to come back to you please make sure you will also check that you have entered the payment method of your choice and entered your bank account number so that we can return the money to you.

If you have confirmed the return of the bag, please return the bag to the courier or to a return point (Tango collection box or to the nearest Selver) - this way the bag reaches us again and we can return the money to you :)

You can find nearest return point HERE!